This Is How It Feels started life as a nice idea, and then turned into clubnight.

Originally named “This Is How It Fucking Feels” by Micky, but then removing the word “fucking” just¬†incase his mum saw the flyers. ¬†All this from a grown man of 32.

The night started as a strict shoegazer/baggy affair, but over the years has become a journey through great british music circa 1964 to 1994.

Set lists vary and change, TIHIF’s DJ’s always play to the crowd and will happily go shoegaze or club classic should the audience warrent it . . . . . .

All the obvious choices are there . . . . . “Can U Dig it”, “The Only One I Know”, “Loaded”, “Waterfall”, “Fools Gold” and “Supersonic” all get a play, along with the all time classic “This Is How It Feels” by The Inspiral Carpets, of which the night takes its name.

Listen out for this classic around about 2am, played at EVERY This Is How It Feels event since we began . . . .

So there you have it, put yer adidas trainers on, dig out yer docs, try on yer old tracksuit top or squeeze into your mod target t-shirt. Most importantly book yer babysitter and get in the mix . . . . . it’s gonna be a long night